It’s what I feel in my cheeks when they flush as he calls me cute or sweet. It’s what my blood looks like, especially when it quickens along its path when he pulls me in a little closer and a little tighter. It’s my lips on a Friday night out dancing, hoping that he’ll notice… Continue reading Red


via Daily Prompt: Restart   There are things in my life that I miss so much. I think about the late 4 am nights where I ran through the local park with my friends, laughing until I couldn’t breathe anymore. I think about sitting in that same park, gazing at the stars with a man… Continue reading Restart

Me Too.

TW: Rape/sexual assault.   I’ve debated long and hard with myself whether or not I was going to write and publish this, and as my fingers drift across the keyboard, I find myself still debating. I probably won’t share this on social media like I have other posts, but if you know me, and you… Continue reading Me Too.


(n.) the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life.   A Greek philosophy. Also seen as a great psychological breakdown, followed by healing, rebuilding, and growth. I’ve already been through a great breakdown, and I’m ready to heal. Ready to move, to live, to love, to enjoy. I always talk about… Continue reading Metanoia