“Why didn’t they speak up sooner?”

So I’ve shared my Me Too story on here with you all. With the wake of the Larry Nassar case and the vast, vast amount of women he’s tormented over the last 30 years finally being able to speak out and be heard, I have to say that I am proud, but also frustrated and tired.


These courageous women have been silenced over and over and yet people ask, why didn’t they speak up sooner?


That’s always the question, isn’t it? All in all, sexual abuse and rape is always familiar, but case by case it’s always quite different.


In the cases of these women, many of them were silenced by adults. Many of them were shut down while these monsters were covering for him, protecting him. Scared, scarred, and feeling alone, it’s hard to find the courage to speak out until the results you need and deserve are given to you.

Why was someone like Larry Nassar and Harvey Weinstein able to get away with their heinous crimes? Why were they able to get away for so long with tormenting and scarring these poor women? Because of power. What’s scary isn’t just that there are people out in the world who are willing and happy to force themselves onto someone else, but there are people out there willing to protect them and not the victim.

We live in a world where speaking out isn’t just difficult because we’ve been shoved to the side, but to just physically, mentally, and emotionally acknowledge that you are a survivor of sexual abuse or rape is physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting.

It’s hard to believe in people. It’s hard to believe that anyone will love and support you when someone does something so horrible and careless with your body, mind, and soul.

So please, please, please, before you ask why it takes years and years for someone to speak out about their sexual abuse, take a moment to try to understand what has been taken from them. Their comfort, safety, security, trust, and a multitude of other things and emotions.


Listen to us. Listen to us now even if it’s been months or years. Listen and love us. Listen and support us. Listen, so that way one day, others won’t be scared to speak out. They won’t feel broken, defiled, and unloved. That way one day, we can keep forcing people to face the consequences of their horrendous actions sooner rather than later. And hopefully, one day, we can be fully united in our strength and not in our fear.

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