Radiantly broken

Two days ago I finished the last leg of my 7 day All Ireland tour with an amazing guide and a fan-fecking-tastic group of people.


Everyone knows that about 2 months ago, I was devasted with the news that I would not be moving to england. Trying to pick up the pieces of my heart from the floor, I kept asking myself what to do next. I randomly booked this tour at 2 am, and I glad I didn’t give it a second thought.


After the realization that my dreams had crumbled before my eyes, I felt even more so that the flame of inspiration inside my soul was dying out. I was desperate, I was hurt, and I wanted nothing more than to reignite this light. Wandering through the dark, I had no idea which direction to go.


On this trip, like my last, I met some incredible people. People who’s stories and backgrounds made me understand that I am never alone, even in my most painful moments. Hearing the history and experiencing the culture of the Irish people, I realized that anyone can go through something dark, terrible, nasty, and come out the other side with an even tougher spirit. I feel loved, I feel appreciated, and most of all I feel inspired. I really thought it would take months to understand where to go from here.


That being said, one person in particular on tour kept urging me to follow my backup plan, as it is a really good plan. His sincerity and genuine hope for my success in my future was touching in a way that I can’t express. so I think I’ll be moving on to that road, and I hope it does bring me the happiness I know I deserve. So thank you, for encouraging me. And thank you for believing that I can do anything. I wish you all the happiness, even if I’m halfway across the world from you. Even if it was small, you have changed me. And from halfway across the world, I’ll always be your Galway girl 😉

And to the rest of my shamrocker family, I wish you all the most happiness as well. Until next time.


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